Welcome to life changing blog BlaBlaPost.com. After going through this About page of BlaBlaPost, you would come to know about its journey, man behind BlaBlaPost, its objective, resources and much more. You would feel charged. So, let’s charging yourself.

So, take five minutes to read this page and in the last, you’ll feel the breeze.

What is BlaBlaPost?

Generally, people use the word “BlaBla” for something they don’t know. Actually, I felt that “BlaBla” is the only word which consists everything we don’t know or confused about. BlaBlaPost.com is a dedicated blog to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, Making Money Online, Online Marketing, Product Reviews and like .

In simple words, BlaBlaPost guides you about  SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, Making Money Online, Online Marketing, Product Reviews through its posts. So, the name BlaBlaPost.com emerged.

When was BlaBlaPost Born And With What Objectives?

BlaBlaPost was born in June 2016. It was started with a clear vision to help bloggers and online businesses around the world. BlaBlaPost helps bloggers and online businesses in SEO, in choosing best online products (through genuine reviews), in setting up their blog or any kind of website. It also helps them to be established on internet, to let them know the best ways to increase their income.

With this vision, BlaBlaPost is continuously adding exciting posts to help emerging bloggers around the world. If you have any query or want me to set up your blog or website, feel free to contact me anytime. You can also send me the Email at contact@blablapost.com.

Who is The Man Behind The Scene?


I am Abhijeet Pandey, the mind behind BlaBlaPost.

I am a simple Indian guy. You can think me of 24 year old boy. I fell in love with computers and internet when i was about 12 years old. And then, I started learning more and more about computers and internet. I learnt how to code. I learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, C++ and Bootstrape and learning updated versions also now-a-days. At the age of 17, I came across new things on internet like SEO, Online Marketing, WordPress and like while browsing the internet.

I got interested in these all and kept learning from the blog giants and other resources. Meanwhile, I started some websites but only for Indian people. And, in back June 2016, I felt that i should not confine my knowledge to me but to spread it. With this vision, I started BlaBlaPost.com.

I keep on learning new things everyday. And I let others know through my blog BlaBlaPost.com. If you don’t want to lose any of my learnings, subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on different social media site given on this page.

Journey is ongoing and so many stars still to come.

Which Tools Do I Use?

You can get all the tools that i use and recommended by the people I trust here. You can use these tools without any hesitation. These tools are personally reviewed and used by me. And after my satisfaction, I recommend these tools to you.

Last Words

In the last, I would say that BlaBlaPost will never let you disappointed. You inspire us to write wonderful posts and in turn you get the deep knowledge. I would pray to god that our mutual trust will keep enhancing.

With these words, Bye and Take Care 🙂