Advantage of Choosing Blogging As Career Option

Do you know any job that allows you to work from anywhere and any time? My answer is YES, internet gives you this opportunity to work from anywhere and anytime. Many professional bloggers are there who chosen blogging as career and succeeded also, now they are making millions of dollars now. One such name is Pat Flynn , checkout Pat flynn’s income here. In this post I will tell you the Advantage of Choosing Blogging As Career Option. This post will answer you “Is blogging a good choice?“.

Advantage of Choosing Blogging As Career Option

So, have a coffee and start reading

What is a blog?

First question for any newbies, A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal). Blogs typically include features such as comments and links to increase user interactivity.

Blogging is referred to all the activities related to writing a blog. There are hundreds of niches (topics) on which you can write blog. Read our special post on how to start a blog.

Now i will list the benefits of blogging

Blogging as career means freedom from 9 to 6 job

A professional blogger is free to write posts or articles anytime. Bloggers don’t have to stick to chair and work continuously for 10 hours. Writing a great article takes just 1-2 hours. This means that you can enjoy with your family and friends as you have much time.

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Millionaire blogger John Chow  says that he works 2 hours a day only. And the rest of time he spends with his family. While other works, he enjoy in water park with his daughter.

Blogging means You are your own boss

In 9 to 6 jobs, there is a cruel man-made creature called BOSS. Boss can shout at you. Boss can decrease your salary. And even boss can dismiss you any time. You have to abide by the rule made by boss even if that does not suit you.

But in blogging world, you are your own boss. No one is there to shout at you. No one can cut down your earnings. No one can dismiss you. And even in future, you could be the boss to others as many are. So choose a best hosting provider and be your own boss.

Choosing blogging means freedom of place

In this world, you can easily find thousands of millionaire personalities. Do they actually enjoy their wealth? No, because they have an office and to maintain millionaire personality they have to be in office. They have to keep monitoring employees. They have to attend boring and long meetings and much more. In fact they have to work more than their employees do. And in this way they don’t enjoy their wealth. In other words, their wealth is Elephants false teeth.

And on another hands, a blogger is not tied with a place. As internet is available in most of the countries and places. So wherever internet is available, a blogger can do his / her work. What a blogger needs is a laptop, internet connection and a cup of strong coffee. So, a blogger tours the world without worrying about work.

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Blogging means earning while you sleep

In 9 to 6 jobs, you have to work continuously to earn non increasing and non decreasing bucks. Working 10 hours a day on blogs can make yo millionaire in a few years but in 9 to 6 jobs, merely few bucks.

Choosing blogging as a career lets you earn while you sleep. you write a post that contains affiliate links and some ad units and while you sleep in India (Night) may be some one reading your post in United states (Day time) and buys a product through your link. You earned the commission while you was sleeping, isn’t it amazing. Read my dedicated post on How to make money online to know some earning tips and programs.

Blogging makes you earn name and fame worldwide

In 9 to 6 job, you work to build name and fame of others. But in blogging life, you work 2 hours a day to build your name and fame. so, why make others famous on the cost of your hard work. let your hard work do magics for you. Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome is now a name that every serious blogger knows. He earned both name and fame. he earns millions from his blog and enjoys his wealth unlike 9 to 6 millionaires.

So, choose a money machine theme for your blog and get started.

Last words

In the last, i would say choose a best niche that suits you and you are passionate about. If you are passionate about football, start a beautiful blog on football. If you are not sure about how to start a blog and do not know about technical aspects of setting up a blog, I am here to help you. Just sent a mail to introducing yourself and what you want. I will setup WordPress blog for you with essential settings and plugins.

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