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Last Updated: 14th June, 2016

Content Validity

A blog is always in transition. The information we publish today might not be valid or accurate two weeks or two years from now. Content, sources, information and links change over time, so make sure you protect yourself from the natural evolution of blog content. We try our best to provide accurate and relevant information to you but it is said that everyone makes a mistake so we. It is your responsibility to check the validity of content shown on this blog.

External Links

We have paid much attention while making any external linking to other sites / blogs etc. But sometimes there could be mistake while making links, say of / or \, so check the link we are linking to protect yourself. We link only to safe sites that will neither harm you nor your gadgets. Some sites/ blogs etc link to this blog/ website. It is your responsibility that you access this website/ blog safely.

Media/ Non-Media Contents

All the media and non-media contents shown here are either created by us or taken from external sources. If you are the legal owner of the media and non-media contents taken from external resources and wish to that media and non-media contents to be removed, feel free to contact us at [Contact Email] with all relevant details and that media and non-media contents will be removed.

Protection from Comments/ Commenter/ Fellow Bloggers

The comment on any of the content shown on this website/ blog is open to all the visitors irrespective of country, gender, nationality, ethnicity, social status and etc. But the website/ blog administrator does not hold any kind of responsibility on any comments commented on this website/ blog. The commenter is sole responsible for his/ her words. We hold the right to publish/ remove any comment commented on this website/ blog. Same rules are also applied on the fellow bloggers and on their contents as we also invite guest posts. We are strict against the any kind of vulgar, violent, anti-social comments and contents published by anyone on this website or blog.

Do Not Harm

Our “intention” is to do no harm, to not injure others, defame, or libel, just in case someone thinks we are doing harm. We try our level best to give you maximum benefits from our contents. If people use our advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations, and are injured; we are not to be held responsible.


We work hard create our each and every single bit of all content and we value the hard works of ours as well as others. So in case anyone else steals and republishes the content that we created, really hurts. We have the full right to protect our content and if someone steals our content, we also hold the right to take the legal actions against him/ herm irrespective of country, gender, nationality, ethnicity, social status and etc. If you want to publish any of our content wherever you want, let us know and seek the permission. Without the permission, it is illegal to publish our content.


We want to make one important disclosure that we use ads and affiliate links on our blog to sustain our living as everyone needs money to survive. Some links will take you to other sites where you can be asked to make purchases but it is you up to you whether you make purchase or not. And when you make a purchase, we earn our commission. Before linking any affiliate link and asking you to make purchase, we investigate that service and after getting satisfied we promote that service/ product.

Promotions/ Subscription/ Social Media

This website/ blog have its official social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Feedburner. By opting our website/ blog or subscribing us, you must be agree to the websites/ blogs policy, given below:

  • 1. We shall mail you whenever we publish/ update any content on website/ blog.
  • 2. We shall send you promotional emails.
  • 3. You can opt out from our services anytime and anywhere.
  • 4. We can send you mails containing special product promotion.
  • 5. On our social media pages, we can send any number of posts.
  • 6. The frequency of mails is decided by us.
  • 7. We can send you the interest based mails.
  • 8. Our mails are copyrighted and you cannot forward to any one otherwise stated.
  • 9. We hold the right to discontinue you with our any or all services without any prior notice.
  • 10. You don’t have the right to modify/ trim our any mails/ posts.

In The Last

We tried best to convey you all the website/ blog policy to you, in case you have any suggestion, advise, problem, complaint etc, feel free to contact us any time 24X7 at