Essential Setup and Settings After Installing WordPress

After installing WordPress, many of new bees forget to make essential setup and settings resulting in bad performance. In this post I am going to let you know the Essential Setup and Settings After Installing WordPress. Read and apply thoroughly as it is very necessary to perform for every WordPress user. This post is a part of our WordPress series.

Essential Setup and Settings After Installing WordPress

Essential WordPress settings for beginner:

When you install WordPress, it’s just a stock installation with few stuff like a dummy post, dummy page, dummy comment. Rest there are many things that you need to do to make it ready for yourself and public. So, let’s get started with the essential settings that you need to make in below mentioned lines.

Delete default Posts and page that come with WordPress Installation:

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Posts> All posts and delete the default “Hello world” post. Similarly go to Pages > All pages and delete the default “Sample page”. If you do not delete these pages these will be shown on your WordPress site and lower your reputation and occupy as well.

Set up WordPress Permalink:

The default WordPress permalink is like This permalink is short but not friendly for search engines. In this URL structure post title is not given so this will irritate search engines to crawl your post best. To make it more search engine friendly Go to settings > Permalink and select the post name and click on save. This ensures that your permalink when appearing in the search engine, it will contain some keywords, and your blog posts will rank better in the search engine.

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Set your time Zone:

This is where you will configure your homepage name and tag line. This is very important, as by default this is what shows up in Google search. Email address will be your site admin Email address, and this is where you will get all the Email notifications related to your site. Make sure you set up the time zone to your local time, this will make sure your scheduled post will go according to your time zone. This setting is very important.

Disable users registration

It’s always a good idea to keep your registration open if you are creating a WordPress site that accepts guest posts but spam registration will be a trouble. if you are sole writer and don’t need people to register, I recommend you to disable the WordPress registration Disable it under Settings > General. Keep this setting.

WordPress discussion/comment settings:

This is another section that you should setup just after installing WordPress. Just follow the screenshot and put the checkmark in front of the field as shown in the screenshot. Keep the settings as it is for better results.

WordPress Ping list:

By default WordPress ping only one ping service, you can notify many more services by extending the ping service. Add more ping list here at Settings> Writing. I am providing you more ping services that will propagate your posts, just copy the list and past:

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WordPress Media Settings:

WordPress Media Settings:
This one setting will improve the way WordPress handles image upload. By default, WordPress create multiple sizes of one image that you will upload. It’s not a good advice as most of the WordPress theme have their own settings for featured image. Go to Settings> Media & use the above screenshot to configure the settings. You should also add a plugin which compresses the images as you upload.

Disable directory browsing:

For this setting, you need to edit your WordPress .htaccess file. You can follow this guide to learn about editing WordPress .htaccess file. Add this line of code in your .htaccess file (At the bottom).
Options All -Indexes
This will disable directory browsing. One important step for the security of your blog.
Now yo have done essential setup for WordPress, Have a checklist:

  • WordPress Permalink Structure.
  • WordPress time zone.
  • Threaded comment.
  • WordPress ping list
  • WordPress Media Settings
  • Disable directory browsing for security

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