People around the world have one same trait that they lean to know everything they come in the vicinity of. So with us, We know that you must have some queries related to On this page, we are trying to quench your queries. Please have a look at it.

What is

Ans: is a technology/ internet/ blogging knowledge providing website or blog. It provides you the knowledge about internet history (divided in chapters), blog writing, online marketing, advices on various things, assistance on various things and much more.

Who is the man behind the scenes?

Ans: Abhijeet Pandey, 24 years old and from India is the man behind the scenes. You can read more about him here. This blog also accepts guest posts. If you are a tech blogger and have something to share with the world that will enhance the knowledge of the readers, our gates are open to you also. You could be also the man behind the scenes.

What services do we provide?

Ans: We are always with our valuable visitors. We also provide our services to anyone around the world. Our services are:
1. Setting up blogs / websites.
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for blogs / websites.
3. Consultancy.
What you have to do is just contact us with your complete details at

Do we earn from

Ans: Yes, we earn somewhat from but we do not disclose our earnings. We earn from Ads and affiliate links. We also help others earn by advising them and making suitable strategies for them. Just let us know what you want.

Can anyone subscribe to and follow on social media?

Ans: Definitely, yes, anyone from all around the world can subscribe to and also can follow on social media. We deliver amazing posts, deals, newsletter directly to your inbox so that you may also be updated and get lots of benefits from If you are not satisfied with our services then you can unsubscribe from our services at any time but please let us know why you unsubscribed if you wish.

Do the personal details of readers are safe on

Ans: Yes, 100 percent, your any details shared with are safe and we do not sell those details in any case and on any price. Our visitors are precious to us and to protect their privacy is our main concern.

Can anyone contact the website/ blog administrator?

Ans: Yes, anyone from anywhere can contact the administrator but do not use abusive words and anti-social words as those words do not suit on techies like ours. Please keep English as the language of contact. We love suggestions and also complaints just let us know at our contact.

Is anything left? My mistake, just let us know that.