GetResponse Vs AWeber : Which is best E-mail Marketing Software?

Whether you run an e-commerce website, blog or any other online business and want to increase your sales and drive huge traffic to your website, e-marketing is most important to your site. Today, hundreds of e-mail marketing softwares are available on internet . But when it comes to e-mail marketing, AWeber and GetResponse can’t be ignored. In this post I am going to compare the pro’s and con’s of AWeber and GetResponse so that you can choose best of them. This post will answer well to GetResponse Vs AWeber : Which is best E-mail Marketing Software?

So, here we begin

Price Comparison of AWeber and GetResponse

Cost comparison of Aweber and GetResponse can be the major factor of your decision. As your subscribers increase your revenue also increases so the price of e-mail softwares also increase. Price of most e-mail softwares depends on the subscriber base. As your subscribers increase so the price of AWeber and GetResponse.

AWeber Pricing
Aweber offers a basic package of up to 500 subscribers for $19 per month ($1 for the first month), an extra $10 for a further 2000 subscribers and additional increments up to $149 for between 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers.  AWeber also offers $1 for first month.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse offer a 30-day free trial, after which you would be paying $15 for up to 1000 subscribers, $25 for 2500 and then additional increases as your list grows.


You can easily conclude that GetResponse is slightly cheaper than AWeber. AWeber offers $1 for first month but GetResponse offers one month free trial. But the cost difference between AWeber and GetResponse is not that much large. So, GetResponse wins in case of pricing.

Usability  Comparison of AWeber and GetResponse

Both Aweber and GetResponse offer great functionality. But in some aspects they are competing each other. You can use their functions in making your decision.

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AWeber Usability


AWeber offers a number of options. AWeber maintained their reputation in providing the simplicity and usability of their service. You can make AWeber as simple as you want or as complex as you want. If you want to use “set it and forget”, AWeber has drag and drop function. And if you want to use HTML editor, AWeber do provide HTML editor.

AWeber comes with tons of e-mail templates and amazing opt-in forms. You can customize each mail either using HTML or visual editor. You can also schedule e-mails to be sent on specific time or date. AWeber templates are professional looking and tempt visitors to subscribe your services.

GetResponse Usability


Previously, GetResponse was famous for being slightly less user friendly and provided limited options in terms of templates and opt-in forms. GetResponse resolved this by upgrading to Autoresponder 2.0. Autoresponder 2.0 provided tons of professional looking templates and opt-in forms.

The scheduling uses an attractive calendar system, making things very clear and intuitive for all levels of user. There are plenty of nice templates and graphics to suit a variety of markets and also for generic use, while their scheduling and cycle management is as sophisticated as Aweber offers.


AWeber dominates over GetResponse in terms of templates but GetResponse is continuously upgrading its features. So, AWeber wins in usability aspect.

Managing Subscribers and Segmentation Comparison between AWeber and GetResponse

Both AWeber and GetResponse provide easy features to manage subscribers and segmentation. Lets investigate AWeber and GetResponse individually.


AWeber e-mail marketing software allows you to segment your lists in a variety of ways, including who opened your emails, where they are located, what product they purchased and more. When you first begin to collect email addresses, Aweber allows you to add custom options in order to segment people onto different lists. This is particularly effective as you can then create custom emails to really hone in on a niche, providing a more personal experience for the reader.

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GetResponse also provides a vast array of options for managing and segmenting your list. They offer very similar options to Aweber, also allowing the option of creating multiple groups so you could create an almost unlimited number of segmented groups for extremely focused targeting. This could get very confusing, but thankfully GetResponse, and also Aweber, make the segmentation rules easy to follow and you can start very simply before adding any complexity.

If you have lists from other email marketing services or address books, Aweber and GetResponse will also allow you to add them to your various lists, making list management a breeze. The contacts will be required to confirm they wish to be added to these lists though, to be compliant with the relevant rules.


My view on Managing Subscribers and Segmentation Comparison between AWeber and GetResponse is same. Both gives easy ways to managing your subscribers and ROI (Return On Investment).

Landing Pages Features of AWeber and GetResponse

If you want to be able to create landing pages, you’ll need to go with GetResponse, as Aweber doesn’t offer the ability to build landing pages.


AWeber doesn’t provide landing pages feature. It is a major drawback of AWeber.



GetResponse overrides AWeber in case of landing pages. GetResponse offers over 100+ landing page templates, all of which you’re able to customise without needing any HTML knowledge. All of the templates are mobile responsive, and can be A/B tested.


If you go with AWeber, you have to design landing pages manually. But GetResponse makes you able to create landing pages in less than five minutes. So, GetResponse wins in the case of landing pages.

Integration Capabilities of AWeber and GetResponse

For many customers, integration with a 3rd party service is essential. Ability to be connected to third-party applications or softwares is known as Integration Capability of a software.

AWeber’s Integration Feature

Aweber allows easy integration with the popular shopping carts like Paypal, 1 Shopping Cart and Authorize, so you can add customers to a list. As all business owners know, a list of buyers is extremely valuable and this integration allows this to be done immediately. A customer can make a purchase and receive a ‘Welcome’ email from your Aweber buyers list right away. You are not limited to shopping carts either, as Aweber has a variety of social apps allowing you to get new subscribers from sites like Facebook and WordPress.

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GetResponse’s Integration Feature


GetResponse has an ‘App Center’ which features various eCommerce and social sites that you can gain subscribers from, and the functionality is excellent. They currently list 94 different websites they support, including major names like Google Checkout, Amazon Payments and WordPress.


Both AWeber and GetResponse offer extensive third-party integration but you have to keep in mind your needs. Search which of them offer integration to the website/ application of your need.

Tracking, Reporting and Analytics Comparison


Both AWeber and GetResponse provide beautiful analytics of your e-mail marketing reports. Their reports include email open rates, unsubscribe rates, which links were clicked – but there is also a great deal of extra important information, including what your return on investment (ROI) is, found by placing a tracking code on your website.

GetResponse steps ahead due to its unique  ‘Intuitive Email Intelligence’, which is an edge cutting technology.

Last Words

I have listed the comparison between AWeber and GetResponse. I personally checked all these features of AWeber and GetResponse. If you are using any one of them and want to say something about them, do comment and let others help in making decision. Do not forget to subscribe to get best marketing tips.

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