How To Automate Your Social Media Marketing With SocialPilot

Social media has changed the way, we live today. Billions of people are using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Social media is also a great medium to promote your business and blog.

But to handle so much of social account can be tedious. What if all your social media marketing tasks done with a click? Amazing, Isn’t it? So, i am going to tell you about one such Social Media Marketing tool. Believe me it will 100% Automate Your Social Media Marketing.

How To Automate Your Social Media Marketing With SocialPilot

The name of this amazing social media manager tool is Social Pilot.

So, let’s begin to explore how you can Automate Your Social Media Marketing with Social Pilot

Why SocialPilot and Not HootSuit?

HootSuit has now become over rated tool. Hootsuit creates problem while integrating with Pinterest. But on another hand, SocialPilot is a lot smoother than HootSuit. SocialPilot is well integrated with your Pinterest account.

With free SocialPilot account, you can add Pinterest account while HootSuit doesn’t provide Pinterest account integration with free account.

SocialPilot Helps To Connect With Unlimited Social Media Accounts


SocialPilot is not just restricted to the normal Facebook and LinkedIn posts. The tool allows you to even manage Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, profiles, brand pages and Twitter accounts among others.

The tool further allows sharing access through the marketing team and getting full feedback from the dashboard. SocialPilot allows you to listen, analyze and even engage overall activity of social promotions.

Here is the screenshot depict the different social media networks which can be connected and manage through your SocialPilot account.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts in Advance With SocialPilot


Social network like Facebook (pages) allow you to schedule your posts inherently. But you fail to benefit from this feature in other social media platforms like Twitter and Linkedin.

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Scheduling is one of the most important advantages of using a Social Media Management tool like SocialPilot. This way, you can give and edge to your marketing and present stories according to different marketing strategies.

For example, if you want to give maximum exposure to a demographic that is most active at night, you obviously cannot expect your marketing executive to remain in the office all night. A scheduling feature of SocialPilot will take care of the posting and you can feed the content anytime and from anywhere.

Again, if you are trying to post the same story in more than 30 different social accounts, sharing it manually will take a lot of time and even money. SocialPilot takes care of this, thereby improving the productivity of your team while saving resources.

Create Posts Easily With SocialPilot


The complexity of an organization is directly proportional to prioritizing inbound messages. Also, while organizations are growing each and every day, it is getting more difficult to even engage within one’s own community.

Delivering relevant messages at the right time is the best way to create the beneficial user experience. SocialPilot tools allow marketers to easily create a variety of posts, including different elements and simultaneously sharing it across different social accounts.

You can even attach images with your post directly from your SocialPilot account, that will give added benefits by engaging your audiences with visual content.

Facebook Personalized Branding


Whenever you shared something on Facebook with using third-party tools, Facebook shows its name with your post content. It’s very irritating to show someone else brand name or product name on your profile or company pages.

SocialPilot has taken a step further to allow users to have their own brand name when any content shared using SocialPilot on their profile. It helps them to use automation tools like us without affecting their own branding.

Team Collaboration

f you are working with digital marketing agencies, PR agencies, enterprises as well as a consultant working with multiple clients and marketing groups, then managing all social media group is a complicated task. In order to manage all accounts, you need the team.

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So, in that case, SocialPilot allows a team member to plan content on all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more channel.

It not only saves your time and effort but makes it easier to find interesting and useful content to your fans and followers regularly from various member of your team.

Social Media Posts From Your Site/ Blog Feed URL


Feeds automation is an excellent feature that will keep all your social media accounts active by feeding the real-time updates from your favorite blog or website. Marketers can precisely add the feeds from their favorite website and SocialPilot will fetch the post as soon as it is published on those connected feeds.

You can control a post appears and among different profiles by using features available in add feed section. You can also choose to post in multiple profiles at exactly the same time.

Feed automation is the best feature for agencies handling multiple blogs as SocialPilot will automatically share the blog post with connected social media accounts and will save a lot of time to manage the same task manually. This will ensure that your present is visibly felt across.

Suggestions – Content Discovery


Sharing a unique and interesting updates can engage more audiences. But how to find such interesting updates? Don’t worry; we have developed the “Suggestions” features to feed interesting updates around the world.

Our content editors handpicked the best sources around the world and categorized them to make it easier for you to choose best and real-time updates. You can review those suggestions and can directly schedule to post on your all connected accounts.

Link Shortening

Sometimes long URLs create a problem when Twitter character limit focuses users to count their letters. SocialPilot offers you to shorten your links so that they are easily shared across the channels look and your posts look clean.

However, it has the option to use the raw URL as the shorten URL. The other two options include sharing the URL as a link or you can connect your account to convert those links into links.

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SocialPilot Mobile Apps

SocialPilot app for iOS and Android is your one-stop solution for social media management. The app connects all social media accounts and allows you to schedule your posts.

You can schedule post for entire one day or week advance along with setting different time zones. You can update your posts, pictures, status, content and more to different sites right from this app without visiting each site.

In addition, you can share articles from the famous app like Flipboard, Pocket, Pulse etc. to your social media profile with using SocialPilot mobile app.

Chrome, Safari and Firefox Extensions For Update On The Go

SocialPilot extansions makes user engagement more active & better on social media platforms. Whenever you find interesting article or creative image and want to share it instant on selective social media platforms then you just need to click on extension button.

Still, if you have not installed the extension you can get it from Chrome Extension Gallery, Safari Extension Gallary and Firefox Add-on Gallary. You’ll be set up in just a couple of clicks.

24X7 Customer care Service

One of the most important reasons why SocialPilot is growing into a popular social media marketing tool is its customer care service. You can reach the communications team through the mail, twitter, and even through the mail. The SocialPilot helpline is open 24×7 and it will just take an instance to get your problems resolved and queries answered.

Last Words

I highly recommend SocialPilot over all other social media tools. If you have any suggestion to this post, do comment. Don’t forget to subscribe us. Happy Blogging 🙂

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