How to Build Trust and Better Relation with Customers or Subscribers By Using E-Mails

Have you ever heard of “Money is in the list”? I hope, yes. What does it mean? It points to your e-mail subscriber list. Now you have some e-mail address in your e-mail list and to each e-mail you can refer as customers. But if you have good relationship and trust then the chances that they will make purchases from your site also increases. Now the question arises is How to Build Trust and Better Relation with Customers or Subscribers By Using E-Mails?

How to Build Trust and Better Relation with Customers or Subscribers By Using E-Mails

I am 100% assure that you will increase your sales and ROI (Return On Investment) after reading and applying the customer trust and relation building tips given here.

So, here we begin

Step 1) Welcome Each Subscriber

As soon as one subscribe to your website or service, thank him or her with a beautiful mail by your company or website. If possible, capture the name and gender of the subscriber or customer. Always address her or him with name. What you should provide in welcome mail is given in the list below

  • Keep the welcome mail short
  • Thank them for joining
  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell them how often and what they will receive
  • Giveaway any joining reward, coupon or service
  • Always put your social links and unsubscribe link in all your mails
  • Write in a human conversational way
  • Always use your logo and some interesting pictures
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Some e-mail marketing services are there which do the same for you automatically. AWeber is such a low-cost high performance software with hundreds of free email themes.

Step 2) Take Feedback on Each Purchase

Would you trust a company that sales the product and forget? For me, Of course not. So to build customer trust, you should take feedback on the products or services they purchased from your blog or website. You can send them a mail thanking him for the purchase and describing salient features of that product in short.

Ask them to leave a review to help other customers on your site. Ensure them that if they have any query or problem you are available anytime to hear from them. In these feedback mails leave your contact details like phone number, physical address or e-mail. GetResponse does all these automatically for you, Why don’t you try GetResponse for free.

Step 3) Send Alerts to All Your Customers or Subscribers

Consider sending alert emails when appropriate. For example, if you’re an e-commerce site owner, you could send an alert email about the status of their order. A travel company can send weather alerts. If you ship products to your customers, send an alert with an estimated arrival date. Alert emails are timely and informational. It’s an effective way to keep your customers in the loop, which builds your relationship.

If you are changing your company’s policy, you can send a mail containing changed policy to avoid any legal dispute. Inform them about new special offers, coupon codes, etc. I am sure your subscribers would love it.

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Step 4) Send Newsletters To Let Subscribers Be Updated

Notify your subscribers about latest changes you made to the website, new educational posts, an upcoming event and much more. If you update your website very often, say three times a day, send one mail containing short information
or link. Because sending too many mails per day can irritate your customers. Try to send newsletters at regular period. With every newsletter you send, you educate your audience about your business while building trust at the same time. The purpose of your newsletter isn’t to sell, but to inform.

Step 5) Don’t Hesitate To Accept Your Fault

If ,by chance, you made a mistake, don’t hesitate to admit it. Send mail to the customer mentioning your mistake and assure that customer to back with a solution as soon as possible. It also builds trust and shows your honesty also. Below is an example


Step 6) Don’t Be Spam

If you are sending mails 10 times a day, 90% chances are there that your subscribers will block you. Try to send less and quality emails to customers. In each mail you send to your subscribers, ask them to white-list your mail address. Try to send one mail per day. If you have done a lot of work and want to let customers know, compile each in one mail, make it short, give an interesting title and send mails in between 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Most mails are read between these timings.

If you have any idea on building trust with customers, let me know by comments. Do comment and don’t forget to subscribe me as I deliver some unknown tips only in mails.

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