How To Make Money From MyThemeShop WordPress Themes Affiliate Program

Most of the bloggers know about MyThemeShop. MyThemeShop is not only a best place to find stunning WordPress themes, but also a place to earn thousand of dollars. Many bloggers are making big amount from MyThemeShop WordPress Themes Affiliate Program, Don’t you? In this post, I will give you the tips on earning money from MyThemeShop affiliate program. So, lets discover How To Make Money From MyThemeShop WordPress Themes Affiliate Program.

How To Make Money From MyThemeShop WordPress Themes Affiliate Program

First, I want to tell you that MyThemeShop affiliate program is one of the most profitable affiliate program of world.

So, let’s begin our MythemeShop Affiliate Program Tutorial

Maximum Affiliate Commission In The Industry 

MyThemeShop affiliate program gives you 70% commission on each sale. More than 333448 businesses are using MyThemeShop templates. Since the MyThemeShop wordpress themes are best for any WordPress site, the chances of sale increases. All the MyThemeShop themes are SEO optimized, so who don’t want to miss such themes.

If you compare the MyThemeShop sales commissions to any other affiliate sales commission, you would find the MyThemeShop commission to be the maximum. And that’s why top bloggers use MyThemeShop affiliate program.

6o days Cookie Policy

One of the best thing about MyThemeShop affiliate program is its 60 days return cookie. what does it mean? It means that if any visit (not sale) is made to MyThemeShop through your link but visitor didn’t make any purchase, but after some days (before 60 days of visit) he made purchase, you will get your commission still. Isn’t it amazing?

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In simple words, If your reader click on your affiliate link today and purchases a theme within next 60 days, your commission would be paid.

No Minimum Sales Required

This is most ultimate advantage of joining MyThemeShop. Generally, most of the companies have restrictions on their payouts. I have seen many bloggers who make few sales and couldn’t complete the minimum target. For this they don’t get even a single penny. All their efforts go waste.

With MyThemeShop affiliate program, you would be paid as soon as the sale is made. No threshold income is required for MyThemeShop affiliates.

Eye catching Promotional Materials

MyThemeShop provides magnetic promotional links and banners to bait the customers. You can easily find MyThemeShop banners in your affiliate account. Just download the MyThemeShop affiliate banners and upload that to your blog.

Refer Others To MyThemeShop And Earn More

MyThemeShop also offers two tier affiliate program. What does two tier affiliate programs mean? In a direct way, the affiliate programs which offer affiliate referrals. Meaning if you refer an affiliate to MyThemeShop, you would earn a part of his commission too.

MyThemeShop offers 10% affiliate referral program. If you refer someone to join MyThemeShop affiliate, you would earn 10% of the earning of referred person. So, don’t wait join MyThemeShop affiliate program now.

Anyone Can Be Rich For Free

Unlike LeadPages, you don’t have to buy any MyThemeShop product to join MyThemeShop affiliate program. MyThemeShop is 100% free to join. Anyone with a PayPal account can join MyThemeShop affiliate program.

MyThemeShop has established itself as the trusted affiliate program. So, you don’t have to worry about your payout.

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24X7 Affiliate Support

If you have any query related to MyThemeShop affiliate program, feel free to contact affiliate support anytime. They, on an average, reply within 12 hours.

Watch the Video Below To Know More About MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Steps To Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Step 1) Go to MyThemeShop Affiliate Joining Page , and click on Get Started”

Step 2) enter your first name and email address in the input boxes opened 

Step 3) Open your Mailbox and confirm your MyThemeShop account

Congrats, you have successfully joined MyThemeShop affiliate program. Now you can start selling MyThemeShop WordPress themes and plugins using your MyThemeShop affiliate link.

Last Words

In my view, MyThemeShop affiliate program is the best affiliate program to join. Making money from MyThemeShop affiliate program is not a very tough task, as many newbies are earning handsome money out of MyThemeShop affiliate program. So, don’t wait and join MyThemeShop affiliate program now.

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