How to Schedule Facebook Page Posts For Future Completely Free?

As a blogger or an online business owner, I know how much busy you are. And to grow your online business, it is necessary to be active on social media, specially on Facebook. But sometimes, due to lots of work, you may not have time to post on Facebook. Not posting to Facebook can decrease your website’s traffic and audience as well. But don’t worry, I am going to tell you an easy way to schedule Facebook posts for future, with no any cost.

How to Schedule Facebook Page Posts For Future Completely Free

This article will answer How to Schedule Facebook Page Posts For Future Completely Free? I will tell you steps to schedule Facebook posts. Just follow these steps and see your audience growing from your Facebook page without any stress.

Step 1) Write An Interesting Post On your Page


First, login to your Facebook account and go to your page. Then write an interesting and eye-catching Facebook post in the status form. You can add location, emojis, images, videos or create an offer and event and much more. While scheduling Facebook page post for future, consider the date on which you are posting the post. If any festival is to come on that day, write a beautiful wishing post.

Step 2) Click on the “” button next to “Publish”


Now, you have written your Facebook page post. What you have to do is a click on the “” button next to “Publish” button. There will be three options. first option is “Schedule”, select this option to post your Facebook page posts for later or on a specified post. Second option is “Backdate”, if you want to change the publish date for any post or current post to a date in the past. Third option is “Save draft”, if you are not sure whether to post what you have written or not, you can select this option to save your post as draft.

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Step 3) Click on “Schedule” to publish Facebook posts later

choose scheduled date

To schedule Facebook post for future. click on “Schedule”. The pop up, as given in the image above, will appear. Choose an appropriate date and time to publish your future Facebook post. After choosing date and time to publish Facebook post, click on “Schedule” button. Congrats you are done!

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Why Facebook scheduling is useful?

With Facebook scheduled posting, you can save your time. Now you have more time to concentrate on other things. Sometimes, we forget festival dates and also forget to wish our valuable users. But with scheduled posting feature of Facebook you can build calendar of festivals and pre-schedule them.

Last words

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