List of Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. But have you ever wonder why your affiliate earning is not increasing and how others are making millions of dollars from affiliate marketing? Don’t worry i am going to give you the Secret List of Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Affiliate Marketing.

List of Do's and Don'ts of Successful Affiliate Marketing
I am 100% assure that after reading and applying this cool tips on increasing affiliate earning, you can achieve your dream car.
So, let’s begin

Do’s Of Affiliate Marketing

1) Know Your Niche and Stick To Your Niche

If you are running a blog on cars but you are adding fruit juice affiliate links then how can you think of getting a successful affiliate marketer. Your blog’s visitors are expecting best list of luxury cars, but what are you providing, a fruit juice, think again. Always add affiliate links that match your blog’s niche.

In the race of making more money, many make such mistake by adding too many niche mismatched affiliates links. This reduces your blog’s trust, readability, subscribers and most important, your traffic. If you are running a blog on WordPress Themes, you can add MyThemeShop affiliate links to increase your affiliate sales.

2) Create Interesting and Compelling Content

Creating interesting, compelling and engaging content not only drives turning traffic to your blog but it also develops trust also. If you look at successful bloggers blogs, you would find that they have huge returning traffic and the visitors trust them. And because they trust such bloggers, they also trust on the products they promote. And ultimately their affiliate earning also increases.

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Try to be regular to your blog and create some interesting content to engage your visitors. Try to solve a problem using that product, it compels your visitors to visit your affiliate link.

3) Affiliate Marketing Is All About Placing Links

Many bloggers make mistake by placing the affiliate links at irrelevant places. You should place the affiliate links at relevant places. An Affiliate marketer can place the affiliate link int the post related to the product. You can promote AWeber in the posts related to e-mail. One should place the affiliate links at the places that get attention of visitor. Graphics can be used for Affiliate links.

Placing affiliate links at relevant places means high CTR (Click Through Rate) to your link and more commissions.

4) Do Be Patient

Earning money from affiliate marketing is not the task of one night. It takes time on testing and promotions. If you decided to promote your affiliate links through e-mails, by sending few mails can not give you the result. It can take a month. When you got the answer no, you would move to new testing. In short, an affiliate marketer should have the patient.

By this testing, you can learn from your mistake. Always remember, “Try and Try But Don’t Cry” .

5) Learn From Affiliate Experts

Learning new things is always profitable. There are a number of affiliate experts which make millions from affiliate marketing, so learn from them. John Chow, Harsh Agarwal, etc is few of them. Learn their affiliate sales strategies and adopt them. They also provide cool ebooks on affiliate marketing.

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You can also contact affiliate manager of the product you are promoting. They will help you to plan your Affiliate marketing strategies.

Don’ts Of Affiliate Marketing

1) Don’t  Be Spammy

Many bloggers in the greed to make huge money, become spammy. Their content is usually fake, but they use keywords like “Make Money In One Hour”. They use too many off-content links, to  increase sales but in vain. If you are running a tech blog but you are placing affiliate links of “Protein Shakes”, an irrelevant link

These blogs can, obviously, get huge traffic but very low conversion rates. This could also cause companies to become hesitant to work with you, or even remove you from their program.

2) Don’t Always Compel to Make Sales

don’t be salesy, try to be educational. Instead of recommending the product for all, give your success story with the product. Convenience your customers by introducing the value of that product to them. Give insights about the product through your blog posts. This can increase your conversion rates with low traffic.

3) Don’t Violate Any Affiliate Terms Of Company

When you sign up for an affiliate program, read carefully affiliate terms of that company. Reading terms of affiliate is very important because, if you do not follow these terms, the company can reverse all your commissions or worse, you could be removed from their affiliate program entirely.

These terms include the conditions you have to follow. While joining the affiliate program, you would be asked to agree with these terms. On violating these terms, company will send you an e-mail describing the issue. And you would be asked to comply with the terms. On not following with the terms, your affiliate account may be cancelled.

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Summing Up

I hope that these do’s and don’ts of affiliate marketing will definitely help you. If you have any suggestion or question, do comment. One more important thing, don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter.


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