SemRush Review: The Perfect SEO Strategy and Competitor’s Headache

Review of: SEMRush SEO

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On June 23, 2016
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As a Search Engine Marketing Tool (SEM), SemRush is the best tool. Best tool for keyword and analysis tool. It is really a Competitor's Headache.

Are you looking for a SEO management tool that can enable you to do keyword research, track Keyword ranking, check backlinks, check competitor & most important do a complete SEO audit of your blog. You are at right place buddy. I am going to give you review on one such SEO tool SemRush, trusted by many professional bloggers & SEO agencies. So go on reading SemRush Review: The Perfect SEO Strategy and Competitor’s Headache.


I personally use SemRush, so you can trust on my words. Many of you might have heard of SemRush. Shoud you start using SemRush or not? I am going to answer this in this review post.

After creating amazing content, most bloggers wonder why they are not getting good rankings in search results. The answer is ignorance of the power of keyword analysis. Your posts might not have good keywords related to your content. You might have used most competitive keywords. And on other hands your competitors might have good keywords and less competitive keywords.

Just the quality of content is not enough, as we need to get quality links, timely audit out site SEO & other factors.  So, this is the power of keywords.

So lets begin our SEMrush Review:


What is SemRush? For what Semrush is used for?

SEMRUSH makes it easier to find what keyword your site or any site is ranking for. SEMRUSH such an amazing SEO tool & favorite tool of millions users. I started using Moz first but moved to SemRush for its capability of keyword research and peeping into competitors strategies. Once you are done doing Keyword research, you can add Keywords & track it’s position in all major search engines based on Geographical location.
I emphasised on Geographical location feature, as it’s important for those who target specific countries like Spain, U.K, Australia, India and more.
SEM (search Engine Marketing) is a tool that each and every blogger and website webmasters must have in order to increase traffic and also the revenue. You will be amazed to know that SEMRush is having more than 46,000,000 domains and more than 120,000,000+ keywords in their database. So, you can easily estimate the power of SEMrush.

SEMrush and keyword ranking tool

SEMRUSH will allow you to find all the keywords for which any existing web page on the Internet is ranking. You can also find more statistical detail regarding that keyword and related keywords which you can rank for. I am giving a screenshot that will justify why SEMRUSH is essential for all bloggers and serious Internet marketers.
As you can see in the screenshot that the keyword ranking for a site and the relative CPC (Cost Per Click) is shown. You can also get related keywords that match the topic of your post. You can add suggested keywords with high CPC and low competitions in your posts.

Domain Analysis: Analyse your competitors strategies

You can easily peep into your competitors keyword strategies. Just you need to enter their domain name and hit enter. I explain this to you with following screenshot.
Let me explain all the fields of the resulting report page clearly:

  1. Keyword: The words on website for which website is getting traffic.
  2. Position: Keyword positions in search engine. In this example, I have selected Google’s US database (default), but you can change it to other locations too.
  3. Volume: Number of exact match queries for that keyword in the local search. In this example I have once again used Google US. data is verified with Google AdWords.
  4. CPC: Cost per click for the ad (on average).
  5. URL: Corresponding URL to which that keyword is driving traffic.
  6. Com: This shows the competition of advertisers for that keyword. A lower number means less competition and a higher number means greater competition for that term.
  7. Results: Number of search engine results.  A lower number here is better. Heigher number means you may stuck to 20th page, where no one can reach you.
  8. Trend: In order to find profitable keywords, we need to make sure the traffic trend for that keyword is not dying. This column pulls the uptrend for that keyword for the last 12 months.

Semrush backlinks report

In addition to all of the information resulting from our search, look at the left sidebar and you will find the two columns which interest me most as a blogger.You can find the top 200 organic keywords for that domain, and also receive a detailed backlinks report in details.
Backlinks means the links from other sites to your site. Greater the number of backlinks, better the search rankings.
For me, the most interesting factor here is the ability to find the top keywords driving traffic to any domain. For a serious marketer or company, knowing the top competitor’s keywords (SEOpivot) is like getting gold medal.

Don’t waste time, Get started with Semrush and be blog king

Most bloggers do their best in writing the content. But most of them lag behind in getting traffic. Semrush drives traffic for you with its keywords and more features. Just embed suggeted keywords in your website and start getting traffic. Semrush work 24X7 to drive traffic for you, so don’t worry.
If you check your analytics, you will realize that only a couple of your blog posts are contributing the maximum percentage of traffic to your blog. Using the SEMRUSH SEO tool, you can find keywords which are driving traffic to your competitor’s website, and you can write quality content based on those keywords, and get a better position for target keywords in your niche.
SEMRUSH works best with the PRO account (complete report) but for a beginner who is new to search engine marketing research, you can always start with free trial and once you are accustomed to its various features, you can upgrade to a pro account in order to get a complete, detailed analysis of your competitor’s website. But foe beginners, i recommend trial first.

In The Last

I hope that my SemRush review helped you. but at the end of the day it’s your hard, smart and quality work which puts you at the top.. I recommend SemRush as a best research and analysis SEO tool for your site or blog.
have you tried SemRush, share your experience and give stars based on your experience. Do you have any suggestion contact me now.

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As a Search Engine Marketing Tool (SEM), SemRush is the best tool. Best tool for keyword and analysis tool. It is really a Competitor's Headache.
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