Start A Blog

If you are planning to start a blog and want to see it successful, you are at perfect place. I will tell you how to start a successful blog step-by-step. I promise that after reading and following my tips you are going to be dazzled. This page is written for everyone be it beginner or running buddies like you and me.

Step 1: Ask yourself, what is in your mind and what you want to share with world?

Choose the niche that makes you love to write on. If you are passionate about games then the best could be games for you. If you are not passionate about the niche you choose then after sometimes writing about the same niche will become monotonous and you will be got bored. And ultimately you will leave the blog. So it is not the money but the passion that decides the niche of your blog. The most important thing about writing is that you have to keep learning new things and keeping yourself updated.

Step 2: Research about the niche

Research is also the crucial step in starting a blog. You have to be aware of the competition you are going to face. And make strategies for your blog so that your blog can survive. Read others blogs in the same niche and ask yourself what the unique things you are going to provide your valuable readers. Make earning strategies from your competitors.

Step 3: Time to give your blog a name

Now you have your niche and research data ready. Now the time is to give your blog a cute name. Do some keyword research and their completion on the web. One such keyword search tool is SemRush. Your name should be short, do not include numbers, easy to memorize, niche suggestive and not confusing like as it is confusing. Have a lookup weather that name has been taken or not. If you are targeting world then try to choose .com, .net, .org and if you are targeting specific country then for United Kingdom .uk and like.

Step 4: Choose best hosting provider

You can choose free blog providers like, etc but they have limits. I recommend paid hosting as it gives you all the freedoms. While choosing hosting providers you should consider some points.

    1. 1. Check uptime.
    2. 2. Check customer reviews.
    3. 3. Compare price.
    4. 4. Server location.
    5. 5. Random Access Memory (RAM).
    6. 6. Disk Space of your plan.
    7. 7. Bandwidth your plan has.
    8. 8. Customer support.
    9. 9. Hardware Version.
    10. 10. Hosting Type (Linux or Windows).
    11. 11. More facts.

Based on above factors we have assembled the list of best hosting providers. We have checked their services and recommend to you. Have a look at best hosting providers at reasonable rates.

Step 6: Choose hosting platform

Hosting platforms are those platforms on which your blog runs. It automates and simplifies your blog. Provides Human friendly admin interface. Secures your blogs. Provide support for blog extensions. There are many blogging platforms like WordPress, Zoomla etc. But the most powerful and widely used platform is WordPress. I am also using WordPress. I recommend WordPress as it is free and most of its resources are free of cost.

Step 7: Setup WordPress and important plugins / themes

This is very crucial section and hence we have one of our post dedicated to this section. Step by step set up has been explained and some themes and plugins are also recommended in this post so that your blogs SEO (Search engine Optimization) makes you rank first in searches. We have dedicated on of our post to WordPress Setup and Important Plugins. Check BEST SEO OPTIMIZED THEMES FOR WORDPRESS WEBSITES AND BLOGS. Get the list of best plugins for your WordPress website.

Step 8: Setup different webmaster tools to have a place in search pages

Now you have completed almost every necessary setup. But it is very compulsory to submit your site to different webmaster tools like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and more but most important is Google as it occupies 68% of total search market. So stepwise setup for Google webmaster tools is explained in our one of dedicated post to Google Webmaster and How To Setup This.

Step 9: Start propagating your blog in the world of internet

Its time to lets do some work on SEO. Because only right SEO is the only thing that can save your thousands of dollars on advertisements. A blog with excellent SEO ranks top in the search results and helps to increase traffic and also your wealth. Unique SEO tips by me are given on one of my SEO dedicated page.

Step 10:  Last but not least, find a YogaGuru for your blog to be successful

Every successful personality has its mentor to whom they follow. So you must have that mentor from which you can learn to be successful. Have a search on successful bloggers around the world in your niche and start learning what makes them unique and successful. As an affiliate marketer you can choose John Chow as your mentor.

Now you are ready to start your own blog and if you have still problem let me know. Or you can give me the opportunity to setup your blog  for a few bucks.