How To Create Ebooks From Your WordPress Posts For Free

Offering your own ebooks to your visitors is a great way to build trust and email subscribers. But creating an e-book is very tedious. You can compile some of your best blog posts in an e-book, that’s a nice way. But the question is, How? I am going to tell you about some amazing e-book tools. These e-book tools are free and reliable. You can export your WordPress content into an interesting ebooks.

How To Create Ebooks From Your WordPress Posts For Free

You can publish your ebooks to different sites like Amazon. Publishing your ebooks on Amazon can help you earn money from your ebooks.

So, let’s begin our journey

Why Creating Ebooks Manually Is A Headache?

While creating ebooks manually, you have to face a lot of trouble.

You have to copy and paste from your WordPress posts, which is really tedious.

Your WordPress post format may not be compatible with your offline e-book software like Calibre.

Creating ebooks manually consumes a lot of precious time. You can save your precious time by using the free Ebook creating tools given below.

EBook Tool 1) Anthologize : Completely Free WordPress EBook Plugin

Anthologize is completely free of cost WordPress eBook plugin. It gives you the facility to create ebooks from your WordPress categories, posts, tags, date range, post type.


It gives you the freedom to export your ebook in different formats




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Anthologize TEI

You can preview and edit the pages before exporting your ebooks. Anthologize gives you the facility to adjust the letter size, page breaks and more.

One of the amazing feature of Anthologize is it’s feed import tool. You can add content from other websites by entering their feed url. After importing feed url, you can create an e-book easily.

But, at a time, you can export your e-book only in one format. You have to re-export to get in other format.

Anthologize doesn’t import content from your WordPress pages. But it can be ignored in comparison to benefits Anthologize provides.

It is best for bloggers who don’t have much to spend on expensive e-book tools. And also for those who don’t want to waste their time in creating ebooks manually.

EBook Tool 2) Kalin’s PDF Creation Station

PDF Creation Station is another free WordPress e-book tool. It offers you the facility to create PDF e-book from your WordPress pages and posts. You can add interesting cover and last page to your e-book.


One of the best feature of PDF Creation Station is that it gives an option to the visitor to download the post in PDF. You can enable this feature in PDF Creation Station settings.

You can add custom texts to header and footer of your e-book pages. There is an option to enable or disable the short codes, images in the settings.

PDF Creation Station do provide some interesting shortcodes also.

PDF Creation Station do not offer export from feed url. So you can use PDF Creation Station only for you site’s content. You can add links to your site also.

EBook Tool 3) PressBooks : Beautiful And Epic

PressBooks is another free e-book tool unless you are ok with PressBooks branding on your book pages. It offers beautiful e-book templates that engages readers. PressBooks is a hosted software as a service (S-a-a-S) that has been built using WordPress.

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Signing up for PressBooks is completely free. Creating books is also free but publishing to leading online e-book stores is not free.

Since, PressBooks is built on WordPress, it is very easy to use. You can import content from your website or write your own. It offers a wide range of e-book formats

PDF for printing

MOBI for Amazon Kindle

EPUB for Apple’s iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and other e-book stores

You can import content to create e-book from

Export from WordPress (use the WordPress export tool)

HTML (scrape content from a URL)

Word files (includes basic formatting)

EPUB files

OpenDocument word processing file format (ODT

While the core service is free, there are premium features which can be accessed by paying a fee. Doing so will remove the promotional PressBooks watermarks that are added to your documents, with prices set at:

$10 for one book exported to EPUB and MOBI formats

$100 for one book exported to the above plus PDF format

Once you’ve imported the content you can then edit it using the familiar WordPress editor. You can also choose a theme for your e-book, with 45 included themes available for use at the time of writing.

As mentioned, the free service adds watermarks and promotional material to your e-book. This content is noticeable on every page so if you do want a professional looking end product, even if it’s just to give away as a lead magnet for your email subscriber list, you will need to either pay the $10 for the e-book version, or $100 for the ability to export as PDF without the PressBooks branding.

Last Words

Ebooks now has become a strong tool for website or blog promotion. But to create ebooks never been easy. To create ebooks from site’s content was also a hard task. It was also time-consuming task.

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Thanks to the free and freemium options we’ve looked at today, you now no longer need to spend your time carrying out the necessary tasks by hand, and can simply install a plugin or sign up to an online service and begin exporting and publishing your content in a range of formats.

If you have any suggestion to this list or want to append this list, do comment below and let us know. Do not forget to subscribe our newsletter.

Happy Blogging 🙂

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